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In 2011, Danish software company Exformatics decided to ditch emails. Two years on, the Copenhagen based company decided against using the time consuming, amassing form of communications and turned to activity streams in the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solution instead.

The result was, of course, a massive reduction in emails sent – but more interestingly, knowledge sharing in a business context, e.g. in project management and in the CRM, was given a boost as all communication, tasks, links etc. is now shared in the common workspaces – and not in individual inboxes.

As a result of the abolishment of emails, Exformatics has shared some good advice on how to get the most from social collaboration, how to work smarter and share more knowledge. See the inside tips in the infographic here:

#noemail - Social Collaboration Tools for improved knowledge sharing

#noemail – Social Collaboration Tools for improved knowledge sharingFormulate a policy for how employees should use e-mail

Formulate a policy for how employees should use e-mail

  1. Include c-level – working smarter has to start at the top.
  2. Stipulate when e-mails are the best form of communication. E.g. need to know vs. FYI. Is it urgent? Call. Out of office? Don’t send e-mail, wait.
  3. Try collaboration via social media tools for a limited period of time and evaluate.

Get the technical side in place…

  1. Get the technical side right, e.g. online collaboration tools.
  2. If possible, integrate collaboration tools with existing applications. At Exformatics, the social is integrated to our intranet.
  3. Manage tasks etc. in activity management or tasks in Outlook – not in e-mails.

… Then use it wisely

  1. Make sure your contacts know how you prefer to have a dialogue – phone, social, e-mail or?
  2. Social technologies work best on a need to know-basis.
  3. Keep messages to the point. Make the best use of ability to link etc.
  4. Limit e-mailing in holidays, after hours etc.


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